Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I've been sitting at the computer all day (very unusual for me, as it gives me a raging headache), and I've been reading blogs (thus the influx of blogs on this site today).  What have I figured out today...?

Lemme tell ya...

All my life - no, really, ALL of my life - I've wanted to be a writer.  Not just a "I write cute little blogs" kind of writer, but a real, honest-to-god Writer. With a capital 'W'.  Like, the kind of writer whose books are studied in English Lit classes from now until eternity.  But the bitch of it is... nobody PUBLISHES that kind of writing anymore.  Everybody wants fem-lit, researched historical fiction, historical FEM fiction, or young adult novels (ahem, thank you J.K. and Stephanie).

Sooooo..... What the hell.  I give.  I'm in.  Where do I sign?

Oh, yeah, I guess I need to WRITE the thing first...  So... HERE GOES.

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