Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Have Pen, Will Travel

Tomorrow, I begin one of my two new careers.... so....

Here's a poem:

Please, mister, let me have
a moment of your precious
time.  I'm here to tell you
how wisely to spend your
dime.  Buy from me this
thingy with buttons, and
I will swear to you, you'll
not be disappointed. So
here is what you need to do...
Let me fill out this paper
with my little, ballpoint
pen, and you will sign
here and here, and sir,
we both shall win!
You will have these
buttony things and I
will cash this check.
Then shall we both
triumph!  For all the world
is right today - buyer and
seller unite!


  1. What are these buttony things? Good luck at your new job today!

  2. They're credit card machines and PIN pads.

  3. I love finding new people!!!

    I love the poetry, and the buttony things are awesome!!! I'm glad that you came back and explained it!!! :)

    Have an awesome day at the new job!